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Eastern Canadian Outfitters
As a Fish and Wildlife management technician by trade with 20+ years of experience working with Fish and Wildlife agencies, I have a plan! My plan is simple, to ensure not only the sustainable management of the forests, fish and wildlife of the territory but to enhance it.

This doesn’t always mean more numbers, but generally means larger and healthier fish and wildlife for all visitors to enjoy. I will be working with both the Quebec government and guests of the lodge to implement many voluntary management measures to produce bigger white-tailed deer and black bear and more moose, walleye and brook trout within the outfitting territory. For more details on the management plans please check under the Fishing and Hunting pages.

Over the years, Builderry has built relationships with the industry’s top craftsmen, suppliers, and subcontractors, all of whom adhere to our high standards of quality.

Rob Ague

Our Core Values

We have built our business around family!  At Eastern Canadian Outfitters, we pride ourselves on providing a family friendly atmosphere, offering something for everyone!  It’s not uncommon for our guests to arrive as strangers, and leave as part of the family!

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